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Looking for an appliance manual, car owners manual, maintenance manual or basic user guides? Browse Manuals is your one-stop destination for free manuals of any product or brand. It’s easy to install and requires no registrations or sign-up fees. Simply click on the “FIND MANUALS” button below and you’re ready to go!

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Once you’ve installed the extension, your new tab will be configured with a search bar providing you access to a wide range of popular brand and product manuals. Whether it’s a technical manual, operator manual or a start guide that you need, simply enter your search term and get instant web links to free manuals online. Try now!

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Wondering how to use all the features promised by a recently purchased product ? Need to quickly fix an old electronic appliance, but can’t find the help guide? This lightweight & free extension allows you to search for and download manuals of your choice. Easily search & save manuals to your computer and learn everything you need to know about a wide range of products.

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